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Enrolment Information

All families wanting to use our service must complete an enrolment form before their children can be cared for. A new enrolment form is required to be completed for each calendar year unless the form is lodged during term 4 . Care though can not commence for new enrolments until all details have been entered into our Child Care Software at our main office and the parent and child has visited the service for orientation.

Your child care places will NO LONGER continue from year to year unless you have completed and handed in your new enrolment package prior to the 30th November each year .

For your convenience an enrolment form is available from any of our 12 centres or Main office.

  • All information on enrolment forms remains confidential.  Please note that government departments do from time to time require information about families using child care services but names and addresses are not included.
  • Enrolment forms are legal documents and as such we will only accept original documents, due to them being the basis of a legal contract giving our service the right to seek medical attention for your child/ren should it be necessary. Please be sure to fill it out carefully and correctly. Forms filled out incomplete, without photographs, or immunisation records will not be accepted.
  •  There is an enrolment fee of $5.50 (includes GST) for each of  the first 3 children  per family per year payable at the time of enrolment. For existing enrolments this fee will be added to your account during the last week of February each calendar year. Each additional child is exempt from  the enrolment fee.
  • Please let us know if there is anything which you feel we should be aware of that may help us to care for your child.