ONLINE – Lindsay Teasdale – Good Friday Service

Luke 23

  • 10/04/2020

Happy Easter to our Church Family,

Today is a day of reflection and rejoicing as we celebrate Good Friday.

It’s a day where we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for us. The day that he took our place on the cross and through his sacrifice we are shown the greatest example of Love and Grace the world has ever known.

This week I’ve been reading through the events of the week as Jesus walked to the cross. We see him greeted like a king on Palm Sunday, he cursed the fig tree and challenged the temple practices, the religious leaders begin to plot to kill him, Jesus predicts his death, the sharing of the passover meal with his friends, a prayer to His father, he is betrayed by a friend, another friend denied knowing him, he suffered false accusations and condemnation from men at his trials, he was falsely sentenced to death, he was crowned with thorns and carried the cross whilst being mocked, and finally he was nailed to the cross and these great last word were spoke….”Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” Luke 23:34. Whilst nailed to the cross Jesus offer redemption to another “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise” Luke 23:43. Then in Luke 23:46 “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” after this, his last breath was taken……it’s a beautiful story of TRUE LOVE and Sacrifice.

As we celebrate Good Friday a little differently this year, the purpose is still the same so
I encourage you this weekend to sit down and watch the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. It’s a time for us to be thankful that we have a creator who loves us enough to send his son to die on the cross for you and for me.

Prayer points:
1. We pray that we will continue to seek to connect with each other
2. We pray that over the weekend we will truly be thankful for the free gift of salvation
3. We pray the at the end of this season we will rejoice and be encouraged to reconnect with each other.

This week we are thankful for the blessing that God has provided:
1. All our church family at this time are not physically affected by COVID 19
2. We are thankful to the continued support and love that is being shown to one another.
3. We are thankful for a loving God who gave us an eternal free sacrifice

Please follow the link below for our Good Friday service.

Our kids church video link is here: activity sheets are below (or attached).

God bless,

Ps Lindsay

I do believe we can call today Good Friday because of Jesus Christ.

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