About Us

Maitland Baptist Church (MBC) is simply a community of people who love God and are doing life together in a way which responds to the grace shown to us by Him and which reflects the love of Jesus to each other.

We recognise that Jesus is the head of the church and that our agenda is set by seeking Him, reading God’s word and being open to the empowering of the Holy Spirit to guide and equip us for the building up of God’s kingdom in the place he has put us.
MBC’s vision statement – Loving God, Loving People, Making Disciples – reflects Jesus core call to today’s church and is the focus for the pastoral team as it leads the church and encourages its members to be ‘participants in’ rather than ‘observers of’ what God is doing in his community at Maitland and beyond.

MBC has established a leadership team comprising a number of co-equal pastors who are engaged in preaching, discipling and pastoral care and who are also responsible for different areas of ministry as they work alongside a group of elder/leaders. Together this leadership team stays in touch with the church community, prays for them and encourages them towards a real and dynamic walk with Jesus. Leadership decisions are made on a collaborative basis in an environment of mutual accountability and respect for each other recognising that God has given each of us different strengths and abilities to practice in the life of the church.

What we believe

We believe Jesus is the lens through which we see and understand the gospel message, the true and full character of God and the purpose of life.

We believe God is the one eternal God, but he dwells in a community of love and joy as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible to be God’s inspired words to us and that it is accurate, authoritive, and relevant to our lives today.

We believe God made the universe and all that is within it. God also created men and women in his image. However, rather than follow God’s design for life, people chose and continue to choose to be their own masters. Refusing God’s rightful place in our hearts and lives, we—through sin—are alienated from God. And without a remedy, this alienation would go on perpetually.

We believe that God—who loves us more than we can imagine—chose to intervene and provide a means of being rescued from our sin. God took on human flesh and came down as one of us in the person of Jesus Christ.

We believe Jesus lived a perfect life. He taught the truth about God and showed us how we too could live a truly meaningful life – the best version of our life.

We believe Jesus died on the cross taking the sins of humanity upon himself and was punished in our place and that three days later, he resurrected, conquering the most unyielding of human enemies: death, and making for us a pathway to salvation.

We believe that we become children of God simply by choosing to trust in Jesus’s work on our behalf. It is from this point—after we are already his—that God, through the power of his Holy Spirit, begins the rehabilitation process that transforms us more and more into the likeness of Christ.

We believe in following the example set by Jesus – that baptism by full immersion flows from our believing that Jesus Christ is our lord and saviour and committing to a life of following Him.

We believe that as followers of Jesus (his disciples) that we partner with God in the redemption, restoration, and renewal of the world. It is through the Holy Spirit that we—as a community—are guided and clothed with the power necessary to achieve God’s work.

We believe that every follower of Jesus has a role to play in growing the church by together exercising the special gifts God has given us.

We believe that Christ will return again to come for those who trust in him for eternal life. The cross proves Jesus’ promise is based in love and the resurrection proves he has the power to follow through on this promise.

We believe the gospel message is unique. Jesus saves us first, then he calls us to become salt and light.

The Team

Having spent time as a missionary in Africa, Jenny is passionate about the church and its mission not only locally but globally.  Jenny loves to see women engaged in sharing their faith and growing in their confidence as they embrace their special identity as children of God.
Lindsay has been with MBC in a pastoral capacity for around 5 years. Married to Nicole for 28 years they have two grown children and a son-in-law. He’s very much at home having a catch-up with friends over coffee and sitting behind the wheel of his Jeep.  Lindsay’s heart is to see people thrive in their relationship with Jesus and to be an active participant in the work God is doing in the local church as it reaches out to our community.
Steve has been involved in the life of MBC for many years and has recently hung up the boots of a 33 year career in urban planning to take on the executive/administration functions of the church.  Married to Cherie they have two grown children and three grandsons.  Steve loves the outdoors and values the time he is able to spend with friends out in the four wheel drive or in the boat.  Steve is passionate about the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and the growth we can experience as we learn and apply the truth that is God’s Word.
Jeremy’s passion for youth is contagious.  Together with his wife Victoria, they run MBC’s Wildfire Youth program and Oxygen study group.  He knows first-hand the power of Jesus to change a life. His desire is to see young people connect with Jesus in a real way and experience the hope, purpose and joy that only He can give.  A talented muso, Jeremy also makes a valued contribution to the life of MBC by encouraging the church community in worshiping our most amazing God.